How to Get Involved – Why we roc

Welcome! Thank you for joining ROC!

We are a statewide network of residents of affordable housing, those in need of housing, and front line staff, who are committed to the belief that everyone deserves access to safe, stable, and affordable housing.

As a ROC member you have the opportunity to get in involved with housing justice advocacy by joining the virtual convenings we have to offer.

Every other Tuesday we have a community check-in meeting called the “Ruckus”. This is a great way to get introduced to the members and ask questions. Everyone interested in advocacy is welcome. Check out the ROC calendar to stay in the know

The other ways to get involved is our steering committee that meets once a month. Each steering committee member is a representative of a particular region in Oregon. That way we are ensuring different parts of Oregon have their voices heard.

We also meet at yearly meetings, trainings, and summits that build our leaders, create opportunities to meet other people doing this work across the country, and build a culture of accountability and trust.

And finally we do all this to do lasting policy change that creates pathways for people to get housed! We believe housing is essential and everyone has a right to have access to housing, and that is Why we ROC! We create change at the legislative level. This is the equity work we do.


ROC Steering Committee